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Better life through Technology
Whether at work or at home, inefficiency makes hard tasks harder, long tasks longer, and life less fun. At Prodigusoft, we believe efficient software enables our customers to enjoy life more by helping them get things done.

Solid Software to suit your needs
Whether you choose a pre-built software solution or a custom one, you can be sure that software from Prodigusoft is solid, efficient, and easy to use. We pride ourselves on bringing you the latest technologies to help you and your business get more done affordably and with less effort.

The custom software advantage
Off-the-shelf software is often created to fulfil a wide range of needs and may not be ideally suited for you. A custom software solution from Prodigusoft enables a perfect fit for your specific needs, allowing you to save time and energy.

What people are saying about our products:
Great app!
Vishal, Ellicott City MD
Brilliant, definitely in my top five of must have apps. Well worth the modest price.
Dudley, Essex UK
I think you've got something great started here... You could easily charge more and easily dominate the market.
Jessica, USA
Definitely worth the cost. Tried three other programs and they didn't work as well.
Aaron, USA
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